The User named, in consideration of permission granted by Mogollon Airpark Inc., also known as Mogollon

Airpark Homeowners Association (hereinafter “MAP”) to use Mogollon Airpark common areas agrees:

1. The user releases forever MAP and their agencies from every liability arising out of the use of MAP

installations, supplies or services by the User. The User will defend, pay, or settle every claim or suit

against MAP, their agencies and personnel by agents or employees of the User or persons claiming

through them, or by third parties, and will hold MAP and their agencies harmless against every such

claim or suit, including attorney fees, cost, and expenses arising out of the use of the MAP supplies or

service by the User.

2. The User will pay or settle every claim for death or injury to personnel or for loss of damage to property

of or under the control of MAP and arising out of the use of the MAP installations, supplies, or services

by the User.

3. The User hereby agrees to abide by the rules and regulations as prescribed in the Mogollon Airpark

Operations and Safety Regulations.

Print Name of User____________________________________________________________

Business/Home address:_________________________________________________________

Homeowner that the User is visiting_____________________________ Lot #_____________

Phone number of Homeowner that User is visiting: ___________________________________

Date of Arrival _________________________ Date of Departure_________________________

Type or A/C to be flown into MAP_______________________________________________________

“N” # ________________________ Users Pilots Lic. # ________________________________

Current Aircraft Liability Insurance Yes/No Carrier ______________________________

Guest Signature:______________________________________Date:_____________________

Homeowner Signature:_________________________________Date:_____________________


Distribution - Two copies of this and the supplement required:


· 1 copy to be mailed, “E” mailed, faxed or hand delivered prior to

Users arrival to MAP – completed and signed.

· 1 copy to be posted in the cabin of the A/C , in clear view from the outside of the A/C, after

arrival and during your stay at MAP.

MAP address -- P.O. Box 1778, Overgaard, AZ 85933

FAX number (928) 535-3071

Email address –







Your request for authorization to fly into and out of Mogollon Airpark will be granted for a

“single use” of the facility once you complete and forward the: “Hold Harmless Agreement”.

Mogollon Airpark is a private development with about 253 lots. The subdivision has a 3436’ runway, parallel

taxiways, and two tie down areas, plus a 2000 square foot Lodge intended for day use by lot owners. Mogollon Airpark

(AZ82) is published on the Phoenix Sectional Chart and located on the INW 147 degree radial at 42 DME. GPS

coordinates are 34 23.50 N, 110 31.45 W. The airport elevation is 6658’. CAUTION: There is a 2% UP slope for the first

3700’ and a 4% down slope for the last 1300’ of Runway 21. There are tall pines on each end of the runway. When the

wind velocity is high, strong wind shear and moderate turbulence can be encountered on final approach. Wind socks are

located on the west side of the runway about midway and near the touchdown areas for both ends of the runway. The first

1178’ of runway 21 is only 30’ wide and open for takeoff only. Therefore, plan your approach to touch down at least 1178

down the runway where it widens to 50’. Thus, 4614’ is available for takeoff and 3436’ for landing.

The clearway for the runway is 120’ from the centerline. The Lodge is on the east side of the runway

approximately 4200’ from the approach end of Runway 21. Tie down areas are available adjacent to and southwest of the

Lodge and on the west mid-field in view of the “hump” in the runway. It is imperative that you make a low pass beside the

runway to check the wind socks and alert anyone on the ground of your impending landing. A two-way radio is

mandatory. Use frequency 122.90 to provide traffic advisories when in the vicinity of the airport. The proper call sign is

“Mogollon Traffic” Announce your intentions and call when five miles out, entering downwind, turning base and on

final. A visual alignment of elements is in place to assist your landing in Runway 21. Consult the Airmen’s Information

Manual (AIM) for information and use of this system. When departing the tie down area, call taxing, and use the parallel

taxiways. Call again after commencing the take-off roll.

Landing pattern altitude is 7500’. You may call Show Low Unicom on 123.00 prior to descent for a current

altimeter setting or tune to Taylor ASOS on 119.075 (Phone 928-536-2609) to hear the recording). Use left traffic pattern

for 21 and right for 03. Runway 21 is the preferred runway for landing and takeoff. Upon departing runway 21, execute a

right turn as soon as safety permits. In event of power failure an emergency landing at the golf course will increase your

chances of survival. WARNING Density altitude at Mogollon Airpark in the summer is frequently in excess of 10,000’.

Consult the Pilots Operating Handbook for your aircraft to ensure you aircraft performance at such density altitude will

provide the margin of safety you must have. If performance is calculated to be marginal, wait until more favorable wind

and temperature conditions exist prior to departure.

CAUTION: Off-road vehicles and pedestrians are not authorized on the runway; however, it is impossible to

enforce this restriction. In addition, elk frequently feed on the northern end of the runway in the evening and may be

spooked into jumping in front of your aircraft when landing. Be particularly alert for the presence of either animal or

vehicles on or near the runway. Mogollon Airpark will not be responsible for any damage whatsoever for any reason to

your aircraft or for injury to anyone on board. Your authorization to land at the Airpark has been granted based on your

assumption of the entire responsibility and consequences of such use. If you are not willing to assume this responsibility,

permission for landing is not granted.





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