Excerpt from Airport Operations and Safety Guidelines, March 1999, Mogollon Airpark, Inc.

7-101.    Traffic Pattern Altitudes

    1.    Helicopters - 7,500' MSL
    2.    Reciprocating Engine Aircraft - 7,500' MSL
    3.    Turbine Powered Aircraft - 8,000' MSL

7-102.    Traffic Pattern Procedures

    1.    Arrivals - Arrivals to runway 21 shall use left-hand traffic. Arrivals to runway 03 shall use right-hand traffic. Low passes for the purpose of alerting other aircraft and persons on the ground and for determining wind direction and speed shall not be lower than 300' AGL. The low pass shall be in the direction of intended landing if known.

    2.    Departures - Departures from runway 21 are encouraged to make a left or right hand turn as soon as safety and altitude permit in order to be in a position for an emergency landing.

    3.    Communications - Pilots of arriving and departing aircraft or aircraft taxiing on the airport shall have an operable radio and shall make the following radio transmissions as a minimum:

                (a) For aircraft movement on the ground, the pilot shall announce his/her position on the airport and intentions prior to taxi.

                (b)    For departing aircraft, the pilot shall announce the runway departing and intentions after takeoff.

                (c)    For arriving aircraft, the pilot shall announce his/her position at least 5 miles from the airport, when entering downwind, when turning base, and when turning final, specifying the runway of intended use.

                (d)    After landing report when clear of the runway.

7-103.    Air Traffic in Flight and on the Ground

        (a) No mid-field departures shall be permitted. The full length of the runway shall be used for take-off.

        (b)    Runway 21 is designated as the calm wind runway.



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